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Our Bronze plan allows you to choose from 3 options. Each unit includes curriculum and materials for 1 FlexText unit and live, in-classroom coaching and modeling for each visit

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Introducing the FlexText Toolkit

Effective. Efficient. Easy.

Our proprietary FlexText toolkits are designed to guide Educators throughout the STEM learning continuum, while enabling seamless execution of STEM curriculum in the classroom.  These materials reflect best practices from 20+ years’ experience of professional development and classroom teaching of STEM curriculum.

The FlexText Toolkit is your all-in-one resource for teaching STEM:

  • Curriculum is standards-aligned (developed in accordance with NGSS, and NYS Scope and Sequence)
  • Designed for turnkey execution with easy-to-follow weekly lesson structure


FlexTextToolkit components:

    • Essential question and unit overview
    • Objectives and key vocabulary
    • Lab protocols
    • Classroom Activities
    • Resources
    • Pre and Post Unit Assessments
    • Materials Request (we will provide the materials for Labs and Activities upon request)
    • STEM planning template


Our FlexTexts provide you with a STEM template for lesson planning, protocols and activities, as well as pre and post student assessments.  We’ll even provide the materials needed for your lesson!

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