Jane Powel
Jane’s love of teaching began by obtaining a B.S. in Elementary Education from Syracuse University. She then went on to receive her M.S. in Special Education at Adelphi University. Trained as a K-12 special education teacher, Jane immediately focused on alternative techniques in teaching, particularly for gifted students. This required a deep understanding of learning and memory, which led her to work at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. She served as Education Manager of the DNA Learning Center under James D. Watson, Nobel Laureate, during the early days of the Human Genome Project. This unique opportunity afforded her access to molecular biologists (Carol Greider) working on telomerase (aging) using worms, and learning and memory using flies (Tim Tully). She incorporated their techniques, equipment, and results into curricula for camps and schools on Long Island, NYC, and California. OmniLearn is designated as a sole source vendor for the DOE in NYC. The company’s techniques were cited as “the way to teach science” by Kathy Ordonez, CEO of Celera. OmniLearn is a partner on 21st Century Community Learning Center grants in the Bronx and on a magnet grant in Brooklyn. Jane is certified by the NY Institute of Technology as an On-Line Academy Instructor for the New York State Teachers Centers. She contributes time and energy to the ALS organization in NYC and on LI. She is also a member of NYAS (NY Academy of Sciences), AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Science), NSTA (National Science Teachers Association), the Physics Club of NY, and has been honored in Who’s Who of American Women since 2006.
Michael Conigliaro
V.P., Operations

Michael received his B.S. in Sports Management at New York University and has been working for OmniLearn for the past 8 years. Prior to OmniLearn, he worked at the DNA Learning Center founded by Dr. James Watson. Michael’s passion for sports led him to work as a statistician and graphics designer for the Boston Red Sox television network (NESN). In addition to ensuring OmniLearn’s infrastructure hums, he utilizes his avid sports knowledge to engage students within the classroom.